Mercer General Works Co., LLC (MGW) is a full-service construction company performing projects in the commercial, institutional and residential markets, as well as pre-construction coordination. We are focused on Central and Coastal New Jersey and New York City. Our goal is to work effectively and efficiently to serve our clients and design partners throughout the construction process.


Since our opening in 2004, we have prided ourselves on our ability to perform a variety of unique projects, competently and competitively. To deliver excellent results, we combine knowledge, experience, innovation, and the necessary resources to make every job an example of professional execution and quality workmanship. 

Versatility is one attribute that sets MGW apart from the many other small to mid-size construction companies in the area. Responsive is another adjective often used to describe MGW, as we strive to provide superior customer service with our client first approach. Keeping in line with ever changing industry standards, we closely follow sustainable trends for materials and methods. This involves researching products and systems focused on longevity and efficiency. The culmination of these traits and professional organization is what we believe are the key ingredients to a successful project.



We will be there with our clients from start to finish, and we will always come back to ensure that the finished product not only stands the test of time, but continues to exceed our clients’ expectations.