Mercer General Works has extensive experience providing turn-key services from concept to completion in the residential, commercial and institutional markets. Customers have found MGW’s skills to be effective during both the Pre-construction and Construction phases of their projects:.

Pre-Construction Planning

Before we break ground, we start our construction planning services. This includes orchestrating the project team development. We identify the professional needs that the project approvals would require. For any zoning or planning board applications, MGW will retain and oversee legal counsel to interpret and represent all applicable municipal land use laws and regulations pertinent to the project. If a schematic design has not yet being created, MGW will identify the unique needs of the project and recommend the appropriate architecture and/or engineering professional best suited for the project.


  • Assisting in assembling the Design Team
  • Identify and obtain any necessary preliminary approvals
  • Schematic Budgeting
  • Design Review
  • Value Engineering


We consistently work with structures designed in steel, concrete, or timber. Our staff is dedicated and disciplined to complete our projects on time and on budget. We maintain strict control of costs and deadlines from the start to the project until final closeout. Every task of the project is performed with integrity to provide value, longevity and accuracy. Meticulous field supervision, office organization and quality workmanship are all part of this equation. We strive to deliver a project that meets our client’s specifications and satisfaction.


  • Design/Build approach
  • Lump Sum Bidding
  • CM at Risk


Mercer General Works has extensive experience providing turn-key services from concept to
completion. We are your reliable and trustworthy building partner.